Requesting Input: Gaia Hub - Costs and Future Plan

Hiro has been operating a Gaia hub at since the Blockstack days! This hub stores data to a Microsoft Azure bucket. We understand that many apps actively use this hub in our ecosystem - Hiro wallet, Sigle, Gamma and others.

The operating expenses of this hub are becoming prohibitive. Our operating expenses for Hiro’s Gaia hub exceed all other infra costs put together! We operate this public Gaia hub and offer free hosting and bandwidth to all to support ecosystem growth and developer success.

In 2019, we throttled the usage to curb the growing costs of managing this. However, this poses a challenge that we cannot ignore as the costs continue to grow indefinitely.

We would like to understand how our developers are using Hiro’s Gaia hub to identify the best path forward that brings the costs down to a manageable range.

We are committed to helping our developers build successful apps and look forward to your input in setting the course for Gaia Hub. Your feedback is crucial in helping us decide what’s next. Please provide your input by Oct 1 2022.

I can’t open the survey link.

Thanks for testing Jude, its’ a publicly available link now, can you try and confirm it works please? Hiro's Gaia Hub Usage Survey

Does it help if projects setup gaia hubs? Shouldn’t users setup hub or choose hubs.

We need better support in wallets to get gaia hubs setup and to get it decentralized and off of Hiro.


As it represents the ownership of the user’s data, it is essential to come to a very good solution, even if it sounds obvious. It is the essence of the Stacks proposal.