Why am I not receiving any stacking rewards?

I delegated my STX over a month ago but I have yet to receive any rewards. Please help.



Stacking was closed for the last 2 cycles (this was covered extensively on this forum, Discord, and social media). You can now re-Stack and start earning again in Cycle 61. Stacks 2.4 is here! 🚀 (Stacking to be re-enabled)

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So what do I have to do, un-stake then re-delegate?

Hello, no need to unstack because your STX were unlocked since cycle 57. They are available for you.
You just have to wait for Xverse pool to be re-enabled and you will be able to re-stack again in Xverse pool. Devs are currently working on the pool contract. Please, keep an eye on Xverse’s social handle on Twitter, or join the discord for prompt info :pray:

So you’re saying i have to wait another two weeks before i can stack? I assume it won’t do it automatically?

Thanks for your help. Do you have a link for the discord?

It’s a common scam tactic in crypto, please Never connect your wallet to a random site which someone DMs you. Never input seedphrases into a random site.

Please just go to official Xverse twitter, to get official Xverse discord link, and contact the admin/mod there (Algorithm, the right one, not fake one).
Thank you!

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