Updated the desktop wallet, now balance is at zero

Hey Team,
I recently tried sending my STX tokens from the desktop Stacks wallet. After reading this other support token ticket Cant send stacks off desktop wallet? realized I needed to update my current desktop wallet to the newer version. For some reason when adding my wallet with the 12 seed phrase it’s now showing my wallet funds at 0. I bought these tokens from the ICO in summer 2019. Some is still locked away but It doesnt explain why the new update of the wallet I can’t see my token balance? Here is my wallet on the block explorer. https://explorer.stacks.co/address/SP1M3FKR1KSB5VATQACN94RX35JZT9JCHE9FTC91B?chain=mainnet

Thank You

Nevermind, I solved the issue. THX

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What did you do to fix it?

when I put in my 12 word seed phrase my balance shows zero. When I click “explorer” the Address that comes up vs. the Address I put in for the 2019 offering are different…does that make sense?