Cant send stacks off desktop wallet?

I have version 3.1.1 for windows 10 and I can’t send my stacks offsite to another ledger wallet . It won’t populate when I try and paste Wallet address . What’s my best recourse to send them back to an exchange or other wallet ? Please advise …

Hello, following the launch of Stacks 2.0 on Jan. 14th 2021, users must use the new version of the Stacks wallet to transact with Stacks. The Stacks Wallet v3 and older can no longer be used for sending or receiving STX tokens and is effectively “read only.”

In order to access and transact with your STX, login to the new Stacks Wallet available at by selecting “I already have a wallet” after downloading, and enter your secret key associated with your Stacks holdings. Your secret key is either a 24 word secret phrase or connected to a hardware device such as Trezor or Ledger.

@Gina I’m having a similar issue where I have access to my STX balance with my “Stacks Wallet” (version 3.0.0), but can’t send these tokens out. Is there any way to access these tokens without the seed phrase or are these completely lost?? I believe there are a lot of others in the community that were early supporters, but did not realize they would lose access to send/receive with the 2.0 launch and would greatly benefit from the ability to move these tokens.


@gina, I too have stx from ICO that I can’t move now. My seed phrase was 12 words. Hiro accepts it, but doesn’t show stx! plz help.

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Hey there, older versions of the Stacks wallet pre-Stacks 2.0 will not work for transacting, but your Stacks remain accessible via your Secret Key which is either a 24 word phrase or a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or Trezor.

The Hiro wallet “accepts” 12 word phrases but generates new addresses in the process that do not correspond to STX balances or addresses from the initial token distributions. If there’s even a slight chance that you may have used a hardware wallet it would be worth checking that, or you’ll be looking for a 24 word secret key.

Hey Gina,

in case none of your suggestions mentioned above lead to a result - is there any other possibility to save the stacks?

thank you for your support

Hello Gina,

Well, i have this problem. My seed have 12 word and show new address, no balances, nothing… And i not used a hardware wallet.

What should i do? do I have to do some migration?