Transfer is stuck in Pending


I just tried initiating my first transfer from KuCoin to OKCoin.

OKCoin told me to contact KuCoin and KuCoin told me to contact OKCoin. We are in deadlock. My transfer has been in pending status for hours now. Please help.

Hi Dave, thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. We are aware of and looking into resolving an issue with KuCoin directly. Will continue to share more information. Appreciate your patience, both teams are working hard to resolve this. Thank you for being an early STX user!

It’s now been 24 hours.

Hey Dave, just posted Pending Transactions And Known Issues for Stacks Transactions

So I need to wait for a patch and miner acceptance?

Is there not anything that we can do sooner?

Hey Dave, I know this is less than ideal but there’s no way for us at Hiro PBC to make any changes unilaterally - both a feature and a bug of decentralized networks. Once the transaction has failed after 256 blocks however, you should be able to try again or wait until there have been further updates on the issue.

256 blocks takes about 2 days?

Yes, roughly two days assuming around a 10 min. block size

Well it’s been 2 days. And things are still pending :cry:

I’ve received my transfer. Thank you.

That’s great to hear! I’m sorry that happened - I know these things can be stressful, I’ve experienced similar transaction nuances myself. The Hiro team has proposed some fixes as shared earlier. Thank you for being an early STX holder, Dave!

I’ve also had an issue tonight trying to transfer from my Stacks Wallet 3.0 to OKCoin - pending for a long time. Would appreciate some assistance

Hello, you might need to upgrade to the latest version of the wallet available here: Stacks Wallet . Please let us know if this helps!

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Yes, thank you. Did the trick

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