Pending Transactions And Known Issues for Stacks Transactions

There’s recently been a spike in pending mempool transactions (92 as of now) as observed by the nodes hosted by Hiro PBC. Many of these transactions seem to be KuCoin transactions. Hiro engineers wanted to share more information with community members for what we’re seeing on nodes hosted by Hiro PBC:

  • Pending transactions older than 256 blocks might fail but can be resent. Funds should be safely accessible via the originating address following the transaction failure to be processed.

  • Only small subset of users are impacted by this. KuCoin is reporting that their users are seeing this issue (KuCoin will have more details and information). Hiro engineers are working on the issue on the open-source code and others can help as well.

  • The issue here is related to the inclusion logic for mempool transactions. There is a proposed fix for this, but it obviously requires participation from various independent miners.

Hiro engineers think that the code changes can take a day, after that it depends on miners and others to see how quickly the network sees those improvements. You can follow updates on the Stacks Github or here in the forum. Thanks all!


Updates to fix the issue were merged and will be released to miners soon. KuCoin has reported their issues are resolved. Please use KuCoin support channels for specific questions. Thanks!


My STX coins have not been receive into my STX desktop V 3.1 wallet.

I’ve contacted KuCoin, and they show a successful completed transaction.

Now I am reaching out to to help me figure out where my coins might be.



In addition to my previous post: I have reset my desktop wallet twice, and have added approximately $35 in BTC to handle transactions.

Just wondering what I else I can do to help troubleshoot my problem of receiving my STX coins from the blockchain.

I downloaded the STX V4.0.4 and had received my STX tokens to that version.

I now see my tokens in my updated Stacks wallet.

Just FYI.

No further assistance necessary.


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Thanks for the update, great to hear Jim!