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Still proof of burn?

From the documentation, I assumed that proof of burn is over and was replaced by proof of transfer.

So, how comes that the miner (configured according to sends the balance to 1111111111111111111114oLvT2?

Also, how long is it expected to take until the mined STX shows up in the wallet?

Mined STX shows up after a “maturity” window (100 blocks). And even in PoX some bitcoin will inevitably get sent to the burn address (e.g. during the prepare phase, or if all PoX slots are not full).

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Ok, thanks for clarifying.

But is it really economic if still that much BTC get burned? When I checked 10 consecutive spends from the seed address, I got:

36% of the BTC amount being sent to the burn address
64% of the BTC amount being sent to BTC miners as fee
0% real PoX (spendable addresses not being the seed address itself receiving the change)

I wonder how appropriate stacking rewards can be paid when so much BTC just gets burned.

Also, the 100 maturity blocks seem to take pretty long. Almost a week ago, I got several log lines like this:

INFO [**********.******] [testnet/stacks-node/src/] [relayer] Won sortition! Mining reward will be received in 100 blocks (block #*****)

Still, no reward shows up:


On the Xenon testnet, it took just a day to see that mining works.