Hi everyone :wave:, so I’m trying to get contract events API from the below link, but the issue is that its not returning anything even though I am trying to pass the correct parameters, can anyone please help me out in this regard


I have been trying to ask the same question in discord as well but didn’t get any answer

Did you try it without query parameters first? E.g. this query gives me some results:

Hey, thanks for replying actually I am calling it on the testnet side, but its not giving me any actual data there, it should give me but it doesn’t, like kindly view the following screenshot;


It seems as if the API call itself works on testnet, too:

Could it be something specific to the contract you’re inspecting?

Yes I’m trying to inspect the smart contract log events through our private testnet, I think there might be an issue on the private testnet then

Good luck then!

I will most likely also setup an API endpoint later on which should introduce more debugging possibilities. But I think this will only make sense after figuring out how to have the blockchain work as expected.