Speed Spend Updates

After the introduction of Speed Spend in September, I continued to evolve Speed Spend as more feature are added to Stacks 2.0. I have added

  1. OpenRiff page (thank you to the Stacks Foundation Grants) It is a marketplace for monsters and other tradable non-fungible tokens.
  2. a hidden debugging page to serialize and deserialize clarity values.
  3. an overview page of the stacking activities.
  4. stacks.js as the main dependency. During this process, I dived into the source code of nearly all the repos of Stacks 2.0, added documentation and enhancements. This process has not yet finished.

While everybody is contributing to a great Stacks 2.0 Mainnet launch, there is less activity on the app development side. With this regards, the most pressing issues are the following two:

  • Configure the network in Connect: During testing I am switching between mocknet and testnet, between local authentication and app.blockstack.org. Therefore, Connect should be able to handle network configurations provided by the app. Due to bad default values, Speed Spend is currently not usable.
  • Upgrade Clarity JS SDK: The current version, does not fully support traits and string types which are needed for the marketplace. Therefore, it is not possible to run unit tests for the contracts.

While mining and stacking is a hot topic right now, Speed Spend focuses on contract interactions and stx transfers from the app user perspective. Next steps for Speed Spend, could be

  • the development of a off chain communication for Flip Coin using multi-signature accounts and gaia storage to reducing blockchain transaction costs.
  • better documentation to improve the educational value of the site
  • the integration of a Rocket Factory page allowing users to build their own rockets and rent out to other pilots.

Maybe this is worth a new Stacks Foundation Grant. If you are interested in contributing while learning Stacks 2.0 please let me know!

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