Grant Draft: Speed Spend as Educational Web App


What problems do you aim to solve? How does it serve the mission of a user owned internet?

The docs site at contains many valuable content. However, developers and especially users do not have the possibility to experience all the different feature and aspects of Stacks 2.0. The more accessible and easier it is to learn about the possibilities of Stacks 2.0 and the user-owned internet the faster it will be adopted.

Project Overview

What solution are you providing? Who will it serve?

This grant proposal is about building a web application that allows users to experience and try out features of Stacks 2.0 and the user-owned internet. More precisely, the project aims to developed and maintain the Speed Spend web application as an educational site for developers and end users that will only run on testnet before and also after mainnet launch.

Speed Spend was introduced in September 2020 and extended through the OpenRiff grant. The current state is described in a separate post.


What are the components or technical specs of the project? What will the final deliverable look like? How will you measure success?

The project will deliver

  • an update to the landing page of Speed Spend to improve the educational value of the site. References to the current documentation of will be added.
  • an update to Flip Coin at Two page that uses multi-signature accounts and gaia storage to reducing blockchain transaction costs for a flip coin gambling game with two players.
  • a new page that interacts with the Rocket Tutorial contracts allowing users to build their own rockets and rent out to other pilots. The Rocket Tutorial is already referenced in
  • hosting of Speed Spend on the new domain “”.

While developing these features, 4 online session will be held to discuss issues and progress with other web app developers as well as a 4 written article about Stacks 2.0 features contained in Speed Spend. One session and one article per week.

Budget and Milestones

What grant amount are you seeking? How long will the project take in hours? If more than 20, please break down the project into milestones, with a clear output (e.g., low-fi mockup, MVP with two features) and include the estimated work hours for each milestone.

Budget: $2000

Weekly effort:

  • development and documentation (10h)
  • one online session (1h)
  • one article (2h)

Duration: 4 weeks


Who is building this? What relevant experience do you bring to this project? Are there skills sets you are missing that you are seeking from the community?

  • Friedger. I have developed the current code of Speed Spend. I am contributing to Stacks code base since 2018. I participated in the Docs week and received the Dr Docs reward.

I am happy to share this grant with designers and developers.


What dependencies or obstacles do you anticipate? What contingency plans do you have in place?

The documentation system on could be evolve into an interactive site that makes alternative web applications irrelevant. If this is happening I am will donate the existing parts of Speed Spend to the documentation system and add the proposed feature of this grant to that system.

Community and Supporting Materials

Do you have previous projects, code commits, or experiences that are relevant to this application? What community feedback or input have you received? How do you plan to share your plan to the community over time and as the final deliverable?

Joe Bender, Stacks developer evangelist, mentioned Speed Spend as valuable resource for developers in his presentations and material, e.g. on

Speed Spend source code:

The articles will be continued to be published on my sigle blog. With announcements on twitter and the Freehold and Stacks discord.


SpeedSpend has been super helpful to me and I continue to learn from the code as well as the processes/flow.

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The Grant was approved :fireworks:

If you have feedback about what Speed Spend should contain in the future please open an issue on

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