My Blockstack ID name

Continuing the discussion from Blockstack ID use after browser deprecation:

My Blockstack ID is I’ve heard that Blockstack browser has been deprecated and it is saying that I should switch to the Stacks Wallet or upgrade your app to Stacks.js]( How do I migrate my Blockstack ID to the new platform?

I install the Stacks Wallet on my Chrome Browser, and it showed as account 1 and not I created another account and it showed as Account 2 instead of The Stacks wallet is rubbish unlike the Blockstack browser. It is showing errors and everything, and I don’t know how to use it. I hate change and I sometimes hate the internet, as things like this get me so angry to the point that I sometimes literally pull my hair out. I get so frustrated and angry at things I don’t understand. How do I migrate my Blockstack ID over to Stacks Wallet and the like? And also, how do I access app such as Black Hole on Stacks? How do I also edit my Blockstack ID, if the Blockstack Browser is now deprecated? I’m so confused by all this change. The Blockstack browser had a use, but I don’t know what on earth Stacks is for, as it doesn’t even seem to have a proper use, except to sign in with secret key, then create different accounts under that secret key, which can’t be deleted if not wanted, and nothing much more than that. I find Stacks absolutley pointless. Sorry. Could someone kindly please explain what Stacks is all about, and what it is used for. It is certainly not the same as Blockstack, which has apps, and is straightforward to use.


Following on here only because I also registered a couple IDs on Blockstack and I’d love to know if I will be able to recover and use them some day. Thanks!