Blockstack ID use after browser deprecation

I have seen that the blockstack browser has been deprecated.
How can I make use of my registered IDs outside this browser?

Hey there, we’re working on it but you’ll be able to sign in with your ID via the Stacks Web Wallet soon (in the order of weeks), so hold on to your keys for it and we’ll share updates! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Gina, thanks for the feedback.
Looking forward to it. J

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Hi Gina, thanks for the update here. I have a few questions. Does this mean that the legacy Blockstack namespace (.id,, etc) will be migrated from the bitcoin chain to the Stacks chain and managed using the Stacks wallet soon? If so, what will that process look like? How will I import my keys that currently own my names from the legacy bitcoin/Blockstack wallet to the Stacks wallet? And what is the “Stacks Web Wallet”? I am only aware of Hiro’s Stacks desktop wallet, will that also support managing IDs or only this Stacks Web Wallet?

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@light I can answer that one for you.

Those namespaces are not considered legacy and have been ported over to Stacks 2.0. They are included in the genesis block. You can find the name and zonefile stx-genesis state here:

stacks-blockchain/name_zonefiles.txt at master · blockstack/stacks-blockchain · GitHub.

Your ID is on line 1,800.

The Stacks Web Wallet is a browser extension akin to Metamask and is currently in Alpha. The page is not linked but you can find it here: Test Stacks Wallet for Web (alpha release).

Both wallets will support DIDs soon.

3 Likes thanks for sharing the info.
Look forward to having my DIDs in the 2.0 wallet.