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Hello, everyone!

I’m Muneeb. I started working on Blockstack with Ryan when it was zero lines of code. Previously, I worked at the Computer Science department at Princeton as a PhD candidate. My background is mostly in distributed systems, and lately, I’ve been focusing on the blockchain.

I own on Blockstack and my personal website is at

Edit: Updated my intro in Dec 2016.


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Hi fellow Blockstackers! :smiley:

I’m based in Hong Kong and run a crowdsourced software testing company I founded called Pay4Bugs.

I created a project called Nametiles that makes it easy to add Blockchain ID-based tagging and hovercard profiles to websites - there’s even a wordpress plugin!

I’m also a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

I’m currently most excited about identity applications of blockchain technology.

My Blockchain ID is +larry

You can learn more about me at


@larry I was just thinking this morning that Blockstackers was a great noun for people in this group, good call!

Hi everyone! I’m a long-time bitcoin enthusiast, first attracted to the technology by its ability to create a neutral payment platform. I’ve since become fascinated by the blockchain’s ability to act as secure, neutral infrastructure for a wide range of decentralized applications.

On July 4th, 2013 I founded Buttonwood SF, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading meetup in San Francisco. I’m passionate about peer-to-peer technology in general and respect all efforts to eliminate central points of control and failure wherever possible and practical; to this end, I’ve been documenting and highlighting various technologies, digital and social, which are advancing the p2p revolution on my blog and podcast P2P Connects Us.

Earlier this year I wrote a book about bitcoin, and am currently working with a few different projects including Bitseed and the okTurtles Foundation to help make bitcoin more accessible and increase the utility of the technology.

You can find more of my online work by following the links on my blockchain ID +lightcoin

Viva la blockchain!


Hey all,

Not such a long-timer, but definitely an enthusiast. I have a background in applied maths, physics, and English literature. Mostly the literature though.

After diving into books for most of my young life, I have re-emerged to help change the world with active text, decentralization, collaboration, and executable language. I remain, though, a fan of the Oxford comma.

I am currently working on a blockchain registry for vehicles (potentially called a ‘Book of Life’ for each car or something equally melodramatic) and a micro-employment platform in South Africa.

Stoked to be a part of a great community and to work on my developer skills!

Find me here:


Hello from Coinkite

I received an email from @ryan about this initiative, seems interesting, so here am I.

For those that don’t know, Coinkite is almost 3 years old and in the group of the largest bitcoin wallet platforms. We’ve been on a rampage of building features to make bitcoin easier and more useful, but still making sure we offer real privacy and do things the “Bitcoin Way ™”. We are both used by a ton of individual users and by over a few thousand startups to store, build apps, manage and operate with Bitcoin.

We now have a volume of over 270,000 BTC per month.

Some of what we offer:

Let us know how we can help!


Welcome @nvk! Many thanks to you and your team for working hard to make bitcoin a success :clap:


@light Thanks. Let us know how we can help!


Hi there Blockchainers….I have just stumbled across this site…it is excellent….a “bit” about me….I am a Scottish artist/musician/DJ/performer based in Nashville but moving to Berlin…I am NOT a developer sadly…I admire those who are dedicated to that world…I say thank you…for it is with the input from this type of Communuty that has given the block chain and related structures such publicity as of recent.

I have been reading everything i could find in block chain….I have published a newsletter which does go into issues relating to music and how it can affect our creative properties.

I have been talking with Eris Industries on their #slack channel….my intention is to roll my own block chain…to be able to link legal contracts to smart contract architecture governing a terms of service outcome is the most exciting development , The implications for version control and transparent transactions are staggering.

So….I am happy to be here. I want to contribute. Not in a code or dev sense…heaven forbid….I truly am the dumbest guy in the room but I will do my best to lee up

I can however help bring the fine work discussed here to the world of the music industry and independent artists who seek decentralization ……here is Issue 2 of my Newsletter with some forays into block chain….

It may give you guys a wee insight into your truly….


Thank you



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Hi I’m Robert Schwentker. I started a project called Blockchain University in Mt View, CA to educate devs and builders on blockchain tech. We just got back from India where we put on a course and hackathon for Infosys, and helped organize a public hackathon at the Bombay Stock Exchange. One of our co-producers is Skuchain which is a pretty awesome team & startup.


And thanks for welcome @glepage. We’ve been at it since late last year.


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Hello everyone,

I am Meher, crypto-technology enthusiast based out of Basel in Switzerland. I previously worked as Adviser to the Hyperledger project ( prior to its sale to Digital Asset (

Currently, I am a co-founder at We will ship a Bitcoin hardware wallet starting mid-October 2015.

My favourite application of cryptoeconomic Blockchain technology is the possibility of building a global decentralized naming system for people, machines and websites. As I see it, humankind knows only one system design (cryptoeconomic blockchain) that can break Zooko’s triangle. It is here that the blockchain offers something no other system can.

My Blockchain id / Passcard can be accessed at :


hi @schwentker … i’ve watched 2 blockchain university videos so far …

i really enjoyed them …

hi everyone … my name is paul ransfield … i’m an designer [twitter = @reomahi] …

current [ focus | locus ]:

  1. smart contract enabled mass education platforms …
    aka enabling viable glocalised communities of common interest via smart contract tech …
    [ where mass education is 10,000 concurrent users per page per second ]
  1. business model design for web 3.x

mass education platforms incl:;;;;;; etc

favorite blockchain tech incl:; eris_cli

favorite pedagogies incl:

surprise based learning by ransfield; direct instruction by englemann; the silent way, by gattegno

favorite thinkers incl:

sloterdijk; luhmann; beer; baecker; simondon; latour; betrand russell, chomsky, taussig

bitcoin blockchain ID:


about me:

see linkedin profile, wellington, new zealand


hi @cryptowanderer … thanks for pointing me to this forum … i think its the right place - at the right time …

i’m looking forward to exploring ideas with you here …


Willy Karam here. I’m an open source developer based in NYC.


Hi all

Peter Munnings - a developer working in a bank in South Africa. Looking to use blockchain technology in a number of different use cases. Interested to learn.


hi all,

My name is Ton, based in the Netherlands. I’m not a developer, I work in open data and Making/FabLabs, across Europe and sometimes outside of it in Central and SE Asia. I am interested in how technology increases agency for individuals, in the context of the groups, communities and organizations they are part of. Important to me is that such tech is ‘smaller than me’, meaning I / a group can roll our own, or have full control over my own interaction with a tech.

My interest in blockchain is therefore along the lines of how groups, networks can deploy their own for their own specific reason for doing so. Can local exchange trading groups use it as a ledger, removing the need for clearing house roles, can coops, networks of coops? Can my peer network for industry x, use it in some way? My neighbourhood? Hence the interest in discussing OS blockchain.