Art/Music Blockchain uses

Hi Gene, welcome :smile:

Those are some great ideas you have! There is definitely a lot of potential uses for blockchain technology in the art/music industries, from crowdfunding e.g. Lighthouse to IP management e.g. what @williamcotton is working on with Blockai.

Definitely don’t be shy about sharing ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions about decentralized applications + blockchain tech, this is the right place to be!

Thank you I have looked at …they launched yesterday but a little voice in my head thinks that rolling one’s own should still be an option.

I am interested in version control in particular as a means to running a parallel method which would not eradicate pirating but since each user who exchanged in a commercial sense i.e. bought a product would in fact have a unique identifier attached ti his song for example. This could as in the case of stocks increase in value.

So “owning” a “file” that is actually unique would have a dual function for the user.

a) actually owning an original

b) having a song that unlike others which would be copies….could increase in value

this value proposition presents us with a new twist. Now can I do this?...I obviously need good coder/devs who see this as a challenge and a new bridge……so……I shall keep my ears pierced and eyes open….wait is that backwards?..…again…this is a great site ….thank you…gene


You may be interested in this, if only for the meetup. I appreciate and fully support your endeavour to roll out your own blockchain :wink:

Thanks…I appreciate that….as an artist I see the value of transparent transactions, cryptographically authenticated with Smart Contracts governing predetermined actions in the real and digital domains.

There already exist one stop solutions, and simplified platforms seem to be arising daily. However I cannot help but believe one can roll a customizable chain tailored to suit. Can I dev and code this?..…well I am hoping I can find ken mind to assist. Eris have been amazing in advising me. Being the dumbest guy in the room is pretty east when you put a toe in this world….

So, I thank all you coders and dev freaks out there. If code is indeed art. and if Linux should be free as in speech and not as in beer, YOU GUYS get my utmost respect….