Final (legacy) Stacks 1.0 release

This is the FINAL release for the legacy Stacks 1.0. Any existing Stacks 1.0 deployments should upgrade immediately.

It includes the functionality outlined in this forum post. Specifically

  • The node will watch the .miner namespace. Once 20 names are registered, a “threshold trigger” is activated
  • 300 blocks after the threshold trigger is activated, the the node will stop accepting any further Stacks 1.0 transactions

Github: Release v22.2.0.0 - FINAL STACKS 1.0 BUILD · blockstack/stacks-blockchain · GitHub
Docker image:

Note that the nodes at have already been upgraded and the 20 miner threshold has also been met. The Stacks 1.0 chain will effectively freeze at Bitcoin block 665750: all transactions after that will be rejected.

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Congratulations @diwaker on this huge step. This is the end of an era and the exciting beginning of a new one! To the moon! :stacks: :rocket: :crescent_moon: