Can I still use my .id name?

Quick question, I was drawn to blockstack because I liked onename, I love blockstack but I got into it because it was a bns. How should I handle my digital id/name moving forward? Do I need a .bns name now? Can I use my .id name?

BNS has several namespaces. .id is still one of the namespaces that it supports. id namespaces have to be renewed every year. They were moved from Stacks 1.0 to Stacks 2.0 but if you haven’t renewed it since you may need to register it again or pick another one in one of the new namespaces.
.btc is the most popular those expire after 5 years, if not renewed. And in the .stx namespace BNS names do not expire. for renewals for registration in the .btc namespace for other namespaces (unsupported dapp)

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