NIP-69: Bringing BNS Names to Nostr

As mentioned on Twitter, I’ve created a proposal and an implementation adding BNS names to the fledgling but very promising social network Nostr. I’m calling it Nostr Names and NIP-69.

I’ve written more about this in this blog post:

Please give it a read along with linked spec and implementation and let me know what you think in this thread.

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Thanks for writing this up Larry, I think this is an exciting development for BNS, I would love to see this developed so anyone can use this.

I like the use of underscored attribute leaf records, an elegant solution.


Hey Larry,

Just got my nostr set up today and gave you a follow. I think this is a great idea and would love if we could get this formalized. In a similar way to how there is a lightning address button as an easy to add option on today, I would love it if we could do something similar with NIP-05 and your NIP-69 option as well. Do you believe this is something that requires a BIP or is this something that just requires a change to how is handled? Since it appears to just be a TXT DNS entry I am assuming it is easy to implement on the BNS side and may not even require any changes there. Is that correct?

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