🔥 Big list of app ideas

Been wanting to pull this together for a long time. I think we should create and publish a big list of Blockstack app ideas. Could be on the Blockstack blog, or Blockstack.org.

Could be a great source of inspiration for new developers and a source of pride for our community as we build weird, cool, innovative stuff. Plus, I have a few tools that I really, really need and wish were decentralized (as I’m sure you all do).

I will start, please pile on…

  • Decentralized Evernote with web clipper

  • Decentralized file encryptor / vault for mac


Ideas from other forum posts:

  • Community app where you join the community by completing the app and meeting other developers

  • Private photo sharing

  • Private secret sharing/public secret publishing

  • Reverse social network where you can only post on the pages of your friends

  • Social network with rooms for cryptocurrency

  • Proof of life game

  • Shared music player

  • Password file vault / password manager with shared passwords

  • Permanent web bookmark

  • Create your own storefront app

  • Dating app with specific communities


@patrick has a good start here:


Some ideas:

  • Decentralized G. Calendar / Meetings (potentially mashup with Eventbrite / Meetup / Vyte.in)

  • Private & decentralized Personal Finances app (a la Mint.com / YNAB)

  • Decentralized App maker / DB-Spreadheet / Forms / Collab-Doc mashup (a la Airtable, Retool, Coda, Notion, Dropbox Paper, etc …)

  • Uncensorable Journalism Platform (a la Medium, +IPFS)

  • Crypto inheritance management (proof of life + multisig)

  • Android Backup Agent/transfer my stuff (and make it available on other devices)
  • Android File Explorer for Gaia hubs

Love this!

We’re collecting some of our own here and will be adding to them from this list:

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@jeffd could you elaborate more on this one?

Sounds like something we should build.

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Think I grabbed most of these ideas from an internal brainstorm which led to our latest tutorial app — https://docs.blockstack.org/develop/zero_to_dapp_1.html

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Decentralized CMS for public facing websites like wordpress or squarespace


I have alot of ideas, and keep my own list, but a few that jump off the top of my head are:


multiple people have discussed the following for blockstack app idea
A dating platform with

  1. identity verification
  2. private sharing of data between matched interactions like photo/chat

soundcloud ( I <3 soundcloud), there are many ways in which I think soundcloud could be reorganized and benefit. users own their own songs

Medium for blockstack, users own their own blogposts

youtube for blockstack, users own their own content

instagram for blockstack

tumblr for blockstack

It might be easier to think of existing apps, and how user data could be stored in a decentralized manner utilizing the blockstack protocol.

There are plenty of applications used now by all of us everyday that could reorganized into the blockstack protocol model.


This list is interesting as it is focused on creating social apps. I think of more basic utility apps for users to work with the assets they are going to be getting from blockchain.

  • An application for users to examine and manage their Gaia data
  • An application to filter transactions from the explorer and map communication flows amongst ids
  • An application that allows users to throw parts of their data in a “pool” with other users and garner fees from companies that mine it

I definitely have ideas for gaia data managers for users but there is no reason why it cant be an app developed by anyone.

Hi Group!
I’m so very glad to have found you all!!
I’m contributing an App idea that is something very near and dear to my heart, and if there is a better place to put it, please let me know. I feel very insecure about my coding skills and ability to ‘just learn’ on my own. Ok…

The idea I want to develop reduces the impact of disaster on a community. By empowering people to have a direct say in their recovery, the effects of trauma are reduced and real healing has a chance to happen.
Humans in crisis share of themselves (resources) and are the best to direct their own recovery (needs).
In this way, TWO types of data, with categories, can heal a community and beyond.
SHORT version:
One of the foundations of this concept is that people own their own data, of every kind, forever.
Individuals choose who to send their ‘needs’ to, and no personally identifiable information is sent, just trusted authentication and reputation data. (reputation is gained by prosocial behavior)
When any message is responded to, or forwarded on, the interactions organically build a network, with every person at their own ‘center’.
Individuals in geographic proximity can become a community on many levels as they identify shared needs and resources.
End result: is a list of relevant needs in the hands of relevant responders. Any update goes to the originator first, to cultivate situational awareness, and then to other relevant stakeholders as they are involved.
Longer term result: is a way for business to market transparently by offering their resources ‘in the blind’ to which people are guided as they express a need.
Commerce angle: Users with a certain amount of social influence may be offered compensation for divulging some personal preference data, which itself should be accompanied by token of the transaction. (My idea is that if personal data is found without a token, the holder is liable for misuse of data.)

I have developed this concept through years of crisis mapping, and direct observation of ‘the machine’ debilitating humanity. It reverses many concepts of social media, but embodies dignity first. The costs saved by having excellent data will offset misgivings of not controlling the data collection and warehousing. As you can see, many aspects of this project require blockstack (or blockstack like tech).

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Thank your input @omdesign. You are welcome to try our new tutorial “0 to dapp”. It is designed to enable anyone to make their own dapp. You may find some of the prerequisites for the install new to you, depending on your level of experience but “googling” is your friend! https://docs.blockstack.org/develop/zero_to_dapp_3.html#go-live-on-the-internet

You can also hit us up on the slack if you run into any questions, and actually we would love to know what your experience is like going through the tutorial and would appreciate any feedback you have.

If that intimidates you, you can always start with our simple hello world tutorial: https://docs.blockstack.org/browser/hello-blockstack.html

Regardless, we appreciate your ideas and encourage you to collaborate with our community.

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  • Professional messaging (e.g. Slack)
  • Personal messaging (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram)
  • Code collaboration (e.g. GitHub)
  • Website CMS (e.g. WordPress, SquareSpace) for personal or other uses
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Multimedia management (e.g. Apple Photos, Google Photos)
  • Notes (e.g. Evernote, Apple Notes)
  • The collaboration triumvirate: docs, spreadsheets and presentations (e.g. Google Docs, Paper)
  • Financial management (e.g. Mint, Foreceipt, Turbotax)
  • Credential management (e.g. 1Password)
  • File management (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Travel tracking and publishing (e.g. Foursquare / Swarm, Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Matchmaking (e.g. Tinder, Feeld)
  • Contract management (e.g. Docusign)
  • Peer-to-peer payments (e.g. Paypal, banks)
  • International transfers and payments (e.g. banks)
  • Feed reading (e.g. Feedly)

I really appreciate your feedback and excellent advice. I’ll give it a try, however, the need is far greater than my learning curve. I have design and implementation ideas and some interested funding. Perhaps there are people in this community who could help me learn by doing? And also point out weak spots in my design to make it a more useful societal tool!

You can also go to WIP there are some guys looking for people to team up with in order to participate in the app mining initiative.

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Some additional ideas that I jotted down:

  • Cannabis Search engine (Google frowns on the legal cannabis industry)
  • Meetup that sends time sensitive invites & live video
  • Dating site that requires live video meetup first (so ppl aren’t getting cat fished or meeting a stranger danger)
  • Podcast where users can either watch it live or the audio version and watch or listen on playback

Just a few ideas I had


Feel free to make a post asking for collaboration for your idea on the forum. Also going to meetups in your area, of frontend developers, general application development, blockchain enthusiasts, and Blockstack enthusiasts, can be a great place to get a team of people working on a Blockstack project. Try meetup dot com and see what is in your area. Blockstack has meetups all over the world, so check out our meetups page as well to see if there is something in your area. People who go to the meetups are very active and willing to work together from what I have experienced.

Having specific asks for what kind of help you are looking for, or what tasks you want to accomplish for the application, whether its design or a mockup page of what the user would see if they were looking at the screen (drawing these on paper is just fine to start with, and often very helpful to visualize the buttons and or other things you imagine the user interacting with), certain user functionalities, as well as making a github project repo and creating tasks, might help jumpstart the process as well.

It might still be helpful to go through the tutorials to help you vet out the specific areas of collaboration you are looking for. The tutorials are meant to be very self explanatory, straight forward and simple. If you have any questions, It is most likely not you, and how we are presenting the tutorial, and we would love the feedback.

If you complete the Animal Kingdom Tutorial, make sure to add me (ginxh) to your kingdom :slight_smile:

If you have questions during the tutorials, feel free to hit us up on Slack as well and we can help you. You can also dm me on the Blockstack slack if that’s better.

Best of luck!

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