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That’s heartwarming. Reminds me of the eat web days. I’ll follow your suggestions.

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We already start this as “Ourtopia”.

One-liner: AssetzChain - personal assets (depreciating, non-financial) on blockchain.

Number of assets an individual owns have increased and there is no single location to store the entire log of these assets with ownership proofs (bills / invoices) and maintenance records (guarantee certificates, service guy number etc).
Since this ownership and history of maintenance records aren’t stored securely in an immutable way, we rely on third parties like Olx / Quikr to establish trust when we try to sell in the second hand market places and we pay a Cost of 15-20% for each transaction for this trust establishers.

Market size:

  • 650 Billion USD - Used Goods Marketplace / Second hand market place


  1. Once I buy a product, I scan the invoice & wanrrant / guarantee cards. [OCR]
  2. Asset is tagged to me and written on blockchain (ethereum / bitcoin) [Blockstack / Solidity]
  3. Any maintenance activies I perform on the asset is logged as well. [Incentives like notifications about insurance / equivalent tokens can be worked out]
  4. Once am done with my asset I can sell it in a p2p way since the asset ownership history + maintenance records are on blockchain. Initially, to gain traction we might have to use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to cross post ads on existing “centralised” second hand marketplaces.

Anyone interested in working on this can reach out to me.


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I am currently a paid premium Evernote user. Would love to see an Evernote dapp with web clipper, orc and file syncing.

App Idea: Digital Asset Management aka DAM dapp
(Think Google Photos with customizable folder structure and metadata fields)

Problem: users need a place to store their photos securely and to protect its privacy. Best way to do this is on a decentralized platform like Blockstack.

Currently there are no good DAM system for individual personal use, freelance artists, photographers, painters, illustrators, writers, designers, etc. Google Photos, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Photos, Dropbox, etc are all decent solution but it lacks some fundamental features for users to find their assets easier.

Google Drive and Dropbox comes the closest since they both allow customize folder structures: main and sub-folder. But they do not have customizable description metadata fields.

Protecting an artist’s idea and intellectual properties are one of the most important things in the digital age. Blockstack is a great solution since the user’s assets are stored on their own personal storage so it is very easy to prove ownership in case a copyright infringement occurs.

Users are now taking photos on a daily basis and needs a place to store content securely and privately which most of the photo storage app has addressed adequetly. However, most of the current photo storage solution does not go far enough to offer faster way to find your contents. Especially when your images, videos are in the thousands.

Solution: Create a proper Digital Asset Management system aka DAMs

Suggested features of a great DAM system:

-Assign asset ID to each asset so the filename can be changed but the asset ID doesn’t. This will allow proper metadata mapping to be accomplished
-Customizable folder structure for main an sub-folder directory hierarchy
-Customizable description metadata fields
-Competitive asset upload and download speed on par with current apps like Dropbox and Google Photos
-Large file size for artists to upload their hi res images, RAW files, InDesign files, etc
-Sort asset view by filename, upload date, file created date, file size, file type would be a good start
-Customizable asset order by (ascending or descending order)
-Customizable asset download sharelink with option to set link expiration date
-Log of asset being share to help audit assets
-Able to upload large sets of assets at one time
-Able to upload metadata mapping via csv file
-Able to download metadata mapping for archival and system protrection

Currently, there are no such proper DAM app on centralized or decentralized platform for individual users. This kind of apps is available on an enterprise level in the centralized platform but the fees ($25k - $100k+) is not affordable for individual users.

By bringing a DAM dapp to Blockstack would be a huge game changer for all of the obvious reasons - security, privacy and copyright infringement prevention.

A successful build out of this dapp may have possible huge rewards with enterprise paying customers.

Thanks for reading my dapp suggestion and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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I’ve been kinda looking into how hard it would be to make some sort of marketplace/ebay type thing using bitcoin… not sure how hard that would be yet as I’m still getting my bearings in blockstack :slight_smile:

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Great idea Moses. Other types of users like art collectors, book collectors, real estate investors (residential and commercial) can also benefit from your AssetzChain dapp idea. Would be great to be able to add photos of the asset type too.

Hi @jeremybrady702 - this is exactly my area - dbid.io app is a general C2C marketplace with a search engine and payments in bitcoin and lightning. Its running on bitcoin test net right now.

My experience though has been this multi user functionality is hard to get ging without some proper resources for testing, marketing etc. So I am currently re-focusing my energy on a relaunch of our radicle.art marketplace - removing the marketplace functionality and simplify things down to provenance and digital asset management - similar to @stevenlam.id.blockst post about DAM.

My background is in asset management and auction platforms at a company called bidlogix.net and I’m very keen to build a fully decentralised auction platform at some point but am chasing funding right now in order to stay in the game!

Be very happy to chat about possible collaborations on dbid.io if your interested in helping and sharing app mining rewards? I’m mijoco on blockstack slack if you wanna dm em?


According to my view below app Ideas that could be on blockstack blog.

  • Find flexible work app

  • Book recommendation app

  • Trip planning and budgeting app

  • Hire an artist app

  • Barter trade app

  • Finding a remote job app

  • Uber for repair

  • Emergency alert app

  • Parking finder app

  • Stress relaxation app

  • Indoor navigation app

  • Security app

So these were some of the top trending best app ideas not yet created or famous.

Here are a few ideas for apps that I think would be popular:

  1. A social network for connecting with different kinds of people from all over the world.
  2. NFT dating marketplace which our dating app development company is working on
  3. A task manager that helps you keep track of your responsibilities and scheduler upcoming events.3. A calorie tracker that allows you to log your food intake and determine how many calories you’re consuming each day.4. A travel app that helps you plan your dream vacation by providing trip ideas, booking flights and hotels, and more.5. A workout app that provides custom exercises routines based on your fitness goals and current activity level. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are countless other possibilities out there. If you have a great idea for an app, don’t hesitate to develop it and see where it takes you!

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