Zero to Dapp Tutorial Soft Launch

We wanted to create a tutorial that stood in for attending a Blockstack Meetup.

Target Reader: Front-end developer curious about what it takes to develop a blockchain app

Goals: Introduce the value proposition for blockchain and blockstack. Explain how DApps are different. Get them to develop a DApp and submit it to the Sample Application space.

Toward that end, we have soft launched the Zero to DApp Tutorial. Please feel free to give any feedback. A windows version of part 4, Build an Animal Kingdom Dapp is expected out tomorrow if you want to try that.

Users that complete the Zero to DApp tutorial and submit their kingdom to Blockstack Sample Application on get this Dapper Dabber tshirt:


This is just great! @moxiegirl

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Great tutorial, thanks!

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I’m going to rearrange the tutorial slightly today. I want to weave the “doing something” parts into the “splaining the cool” parts.

Hey @moxiegirl, I was wondering if you could DECS for generating the code snippets and embed them in the tutorial ?? This could be our real use case and also promotes Blockstack powered app :slight_smile: Happy to help if you are interested.

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@CS76 Absolutely. I have a lot of projects in the works in December so I likely won’t be able to look into this until January. If you want to have a go and submit a pull request, that is fine too. Here is the code repo:

And this is the issue I created for this in the docs repo:


Thank you @moxiegirl. I will submit a pull request soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @moxiegirl, does this tutorial still exist? I tried clicking on the link, but the page is not found.