Zero-to-DApp/Blockstack t-shirt not received

Last year I completed the Zero-to-DApp tutorial and submitted the sample app to Here is the link to the app: But unfortunately, I didn’t receive the Zero-to-DApp t-shirt.

When I followed up regarding this, I was informed on August 3, 2020, that I along with another participant have been missed from the supplier list. So was asked to share our addresses separately, which I did.

But again, when I didn’t receive the t-shirt until January, this year, I reached out to find that the program is already deprecated. When I asked if I can request an alternative Blockstack t-shirt if the custom Zero-to-DApp t-shirt can’t be prepared, I got an affirmative response.

Please let me know if I can expect a Blockstack t-shirt at this time.

Hey amaaniqbal,

Sorry to hear this but lets get it remedied for you! Can you message me at [email protected] with your address so we can ship it back out to you along with your sizing? We only have a few left so I want to send while still available.



Thanks Shannon! I mailed you with my shipping details.

Is there some kind of swag store for Stacks?
I’d love to sport around in a Stacks T-shirt.
Plus, I’d even pay for it!