Zcash integration on the roadmap? Why Zcash and not Monero?

From the roadmap:

Blockstack on Zcash: Blockstack can operate on any blockchain. It currently operates on the single most secure and stable blockchain—Bitcoin. It’s good to have support for other blockchains in case we need to migrate (like we migrated away from Namecoin). With this update, we’ll have a blockchain driver for Zcash, allowing to register domains on the Zcash blockchain as/if needed.

I am curious why choose Zcash instead of Monero? Monero has a bigger community and requires no trusted setup. It’s also private by default. What are the features on Zcash that make it a better candidate as opposed to Monero?

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Great question. Also, I think they need to update their Roadmap :slight_smile:

That is no longer on our roadmap. We are in the process of putting together a more up to date one!

Great! Do you take suggestions on a Bitcoin alternative to use as a “plan B” blockchain?

We always take suggestions :wink:

We will be moving to our own token for the network once it is complete however.

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right, but Blockstack’s native token is layer-2, not 1. I think Litecoin would be a sane choice for replacing Bitcoin if it comes to it. Faster, good security and active development. Also I suspect it would be an easy move because of the similarities between blockchains!

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