Xverse Wallet not allowing STX Stacking … Registration Closed

Since the go-live of STX 2.1 my Xverse wallet has not been allowing me to stack my STX. It just keeps saying “registration is closed”. I wait nearly 2 weeks for registration to open last night and I immediately got the message again.

I have confirmed that others are experiencing the same issue. Can anyone provide guidance on this issue?


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FYI … I got an email response from this and was directed to a live chat to manually connect my wallet.

I think this is s scam.

Anyone aware of this?

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Hello, stacking is not yet enabled on Xverse iOS version

Xverse Android Stacking version has some minor bugs to be fixed

Stacking is fully enabled on Xverse Desktop Browser Extension so we recommend using it for your stacking for now
You can try it here on the web-based pool

https://pool.xverse.app/ connected to Xverse wallet Desktop Browser Extension or Hiro wallet Extension :pray:


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