Xverse stx bug

I found stx pox-2 contract swapped my Alex creating a pool of 2 weeks stacking cycle updone cycle
was a misleading address contract injected trilcalcult my staked Alex-stx
I tried to callback Alex miscopied address on lost token address stx blocked issue window alert on xverse suspended send receive pending stx Alex
holdings and staking pools frozen to make another stake cycle rewards not reflect my swap stx-alex
I tried to swap to eusdt again mark error bug found misused contract I tried to delegate and depoly correct transactions contract to retun-cycle Alex-stx by function system overflowing
Not responding tools injected forced stx in contract by de-block multi-calculator tools
I got high calculation of stx network
network upgrade demain address to testent and marked double address injection mainet both
Address marked correct keys mainet network
passedtrans testent stx to bridge Alex miscopied
Tokens to stx on doubled address mainet network
Given success paired between testent and mainet transfer got forced transmission marked
onblocks bitcoin
stx keys injected import doubled address correct on mainet and stx on testent transmission passed tx calculation bridged-paired transactions success to mainet
stacked pool on system deployed a trillion of micro-transmission to forced transfer paired networks to create a micro block signed on bitcoin block and stx blocks
successful paired blocks tx hexed to 6 blocks cycle
danyablock system overflowing

my old stx address calculation paired to new contract on bitcoin address
main-calculation blocked signtransactions
System successful for pop-swapping
stx-alex bridge bitcoin and etc
collective blocks
forget about bitcoin and crypto currencies old system
new earth-system
Good day
Bye bye
donate or refund my lost 100 stx


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