Xverse hacking issue in Stacking system

Hello Xverse team,

I want to highlight this subject with your team.

I tried to do stacking coins in Xverse mobile app, as far as I know that delegate stacking at pool(Xverse pool) is only giving authority of delegating to stack coins at pool.

I don’t understand that I tried to stack coins in Xverse system, why do coins transfer to
specific address?

Can we say this is normal process, is this system hacking from outside attack?

Hello team, please check this matter as a matter of urgency.

Where is this address SP3MZ52ZTZ97V7088D1ER683A3CK8CSFFSEBSJSZ from?

Why is this address happened in Xverse stacking system?


Have you sent your seed phrase to anyone or been asked to input it anywhere? Did you have copies of the seed phrase else where? Keep in mind that no one from Xverse will ever ask you for your seed phrase.

It is unlikely that the Stacks network or wallets are compromised. I would check if your devices, phone and computer have been compromised.