Writes permission can be delegated?


I have an app idea where I would need to write to another users storage. I see that on of gaja’s features is “Writes permission can be delegated”.

How does this work? I’m guessing that’s how Stealthy.im works?

Usually, apps encrypt data for other users with the others’ users public key. However, it is stored on the user’s own storage publicly such that only the others users can decrypt the data

Thanks :blush: just to clarify, the sender stores it and the receiver needs to access it on the senders storage?
I would like the sender to store it on the recivers storage

It can be done via a scoped authentication token, but the user who wants to write has to get the recipient to give permission (i.e. the recipient must sign the scoped auth token). It’s really meant for advanced use-cases to allow 3rd party services to integrate with Gaia hubs.

Thanks :blush: