Working Group Session - 06/16/20

For the past couple of months, regular PoX Working Group sessions have been replaced with Testnet Ambassador sessions focused specifically on working through and improving the Stacks 2.0 Testnet (which will eventually be a testing group for the PoX consensus mechanism anyway) for the Blockstack community.

However, we resumed PoX sessions this week to have a deeper discussion around mining on Stacks 2.0. Onboarding enough miners and making mining accessible to the community will be critical to the success of the Stacks 2.0 launch. As one of the groups with the most technical experience and subject matter expertise on PoX, the PoX working group is well-positioned to ensure that mining on Stacks 2.0 a) works and b) reaches enough community members.

During this session, Xan covered the different tools that the PoX group could build for mining. PoX group members are also encouraged to take part in the Mining & Stacking Products hackathon organized by the Business Models Working Group, which will award community members for building these tools.

→ Watch a recording of the session
→ Take a look at the Mining & Stacking Products Hackathon proposal
→ Check out all the great testnet resources that community members have created here