Working Group Session - 06/15/20

After discussing the possibility of hosting some kind of “PoX business competition” for a few weeks now, we were finally able to settle (and get legal approval) on a hackathon geared toward mining and stacking on Stacks 2.0.

This hackathon will support community members building tools and products for mining and stacking, with the goal of making mining and stacking more accessible to the broader community.

→ Watch a recording of the session
→ Read through the collaborative doc

Details for this hackathon have yet to be finalized but so far, the group has generally agreed on the following:

  • Early July start date (around July 7th)
  • Duration of two+ weeks
  • BTC as prizing for the top teams

So far, group members have come up with the following tooling & product ideas:


  • Directory where STX hodlers can self identify and interact with developers
  • Stacking social network (meet other hodlers, could be enabled by proof of stacking)
  • Autostacker (automatically mine and stack more STX by forwarding BTC earnings into mining)
  • Stacking wallet
  • Kickstarter for Stacking products (Stackers request products from dev community)


  • Mining bot
  • Arbitrage bot
  • PoX Interactive Diagram
  • User friendly mining app

Next Steps

  • Add any other tooling and product ideas to this issue BY JUNE 22ND.