Withdraw not showing up in Hiro Wallet

Hi Team,

I sent a stx withdrawal from Binance to my Hiro Wallet (using ledger) 6 hours ago and haven’t received the stx. Binance confirmed the withdrawal, yet nothing has updated to the wallet destination (nothing pending on the Hiro dashboard either).

Here is the transaction ID: 0x18b9fe31524ad4154f9ee6888d3d65133a2249453202d813bd082333cb3f796e

Can you please help me figure out if it’s delayed a bug or something else? As the address and memo are a match.

Please let me know if anything else is needed.


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Hello, are you using the latest version of the Stacks Wallet available at Hiro.so/wallet? Older versions of the Stacks Wallet won’t reflect accurate balances post Stacks 2.0

Hi Gina,

This might be the issue.

I have a dumb question. Can you direct me to the update with steps as I don’t understand the update process on Github.

Thanks in advance!



The URL to download is available here: Install Stacks Wallet for Desktop (will always have the latest version). Then you’ll want to login with your Secret Key, either a 24 word phrase OR hardware wallet that you would have saved or used when setting up the Stacks Wallet originally.

There is a quick video overview of the wallet set up available here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Please let me know if there are any other questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Gina,

Hope you’re well.

Hope you don’t mind me reaching out here with this question…

I recently moved some STX from MyCrypto Wallet to the “old” STX Wallet (I had no idea it wasn’t able to receive and was out of service). It isn’t showing in the old wallet, even tho MyCrypto have confirmed it being sent.

I’m now learning that I need to upgrade the wallet and use the 12-24 words to access the existing old wallet. I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t find these words (this is strange as I don’t recall getting).

I still have access to the old wallet that is only showing the original balance (however not the coins I sent from My Crypto).

If it was only $1k or so, I really wouldn’t mind, but this is somewhat a larger amount and so hoping there is a way to retrieve my funds (especially as I have access to the old wallet!).

In other wallets and exchanges, if you have access to them you can still retrieve the passphrase. I’m hoping this is the case.

Thanks for your help.


Hey Mike responded on the other thread thank you!