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Windows Check Availability Hangs

Hi I am very new to BlockStack. I am attempting to check availability of my username. However, when I click the Check Availability button, the username title overwrites what I have typed in the text area and I never get a response. I am using Windows 10 Pro. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

@rogersw8n Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you tell us which browser you are using?

Microsoft Edge. I

I apologize. I just tried it with Firefox and all worked well. Thank you.

Well I say it is going well. In Firefox, it has been trying to create my blockstack ID for 10 minutes now. Would this work better on Linux?

The best browser to use is Chrome, can you try that? There are known issues on Firefox. I don’t see name check as an issue, would you be willing to file one?