Will there be a way for users to "mine" Stacks Tokens?

Say I have an app that requires users to do proof-of-burn on their posts or entries (such as through a stacks app blockchain), but the casual user doesn’t know/doesn’t want to go through the entire process of acquiring bitcoin or the tokens through an exchange because of how difficult it is.

I know there are certain ways to mine bitcoin in the browser (such as coinhive), but will there be a way to do that for the Stacks Token? Or is there going to be another way for users to casually earn/work for tokens/fractions thereof?

Just trying to think of ways to help the casual user get access to these features.

Yes, this is something we intend to support. Specifically relating to acquiring Stacks tokens, users can burn Bitcoin to produce Stacks as part of a “burn pool.” For example, if you mine a block and burn 1 BTC in the process, I can commit 0.00001 BTC to your burn and receive 0.001% of the block reward. The details are described in SIP 001.


So in the future, casual users could “mine” bitcoin through browser-based proof of work, and then would “burn” this mined bitcoin to get stacks tokens? (though I suppose this could happen now if it could be streamlined through a (federated) service…)