Will blockstack overtake the normal internet?

Question from the survey:

Will blockstack overtake the normal internet? How do we get people who don’t understand the benefits of decentralized apps to still switch over and use them.

A good analogy is how iOS and Android apps evolved with the (traditional) internet. Early on there were very few apps on iOS, then most of the internet companies (like Facebook, Google) started making mobile apps. Later on, we saw mobile-only apps like Uber and Snapchat.

It’s possible that the new decentralized web follows a similar path. Initially, we might see decentralized versions of apps that also run on the traditional internet, for example, a decentralized Twitter. And later on, we might see apps that are possible on the decentralized internet and cannot be implemented in a traditional way. The traditional internet might stick around for years as people slowly migrate over or switch to new/better apps.

Just my view. Who knows how the future actually plays out :slight_smile:

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Can I use php on a blockstack?

Absolutely. As long as you can plug in to the libraries for user-controlled identity, storage and money you can use any technologies you want. Of course, if you want your app to be completely serverless you’ll have to build a single-page app or a desktop or mobile app. With single-page apps, JavaScript and PHP are both options.