Will Blockstack be developing an app ecosystem or just the fundamental architecture?

Will Blockstack be developing an app ecosystem or will you be looking to build the fundamental architecture e.g. browser and then stepping back and letting the community innovate on your frameworks?

For example with the use case above, could that be something developed with Blockstack core or would it be something 3rd party developers would lead on?

I’d like to think that the above example could be a huge PR, marketing and user aquisition story and something completely new as compared to the ethereum and Bitcoin development history.

For now, we’re just trying to get the fundamental infrastructure off the ground. It’s possible to build simple CLI-based applications on the current release, but in the next release we’re expanding this to full-blown Web applications that run in your Web browser.

Will post a CLI-based tutorial soon :slight_smile:

Yep, we’re currently focused on the fundamental infrastructure and app eco-systems comes soon after. There can be namespaces on Blockstack, for example .app, where developers publish their apps.

If you’re interested in the app ecosystem then you should definitely check out the development of the Blockstack browser. The current interface already looks & feels like you’re browsing apps :slight_smile: