Why we need to renew our domains?

Blockchains are permanent. So you want to build a different thing. Why we need to renew our domains?

To stop squatters from taking them all :wink:

Name renewals are only necessary in namespaces where names have finite lifetimes. This includes .id. However, .helloworld and .podcast allow infinite-lifetime names. If you want to create your own namespace (which anyone can do in Blockstack), you’re free to configure it to allow infinite lifetime names as well.


Is there a guide to create namespace? Also, is there a current price for renewing my .id, or a place I can find how long until the .id expires?

You can go to the Blockstack Explorer and see on which block your name will expire. It’ll require some rough match at one block per ten minutes but it should give you a decent estimate. For instance my “kitsana.id” expire on block 622321, but each name has a 5,000 block grace period in order to get renewed until it goes back up into the open market.

Creating a namespace - a good place to start is with this link: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-core/blob/master/docs/blockstack_naming_service.md (about 1/3 of the way down the page you will find “Creating A Namespace” and other information). Hope that helps.

Cool. I will take a look on this.