Why we cannot install blockstack into smartphone or iOS system?

Blockstack can install into Mac ox and Linux ,why we cannot install blockstack into iOS or smartphone ?Assuming that,every people on the earth have a smartphone,people can visit custom Internet system .if they wanna visit blockstack internet (blockchain internet) they just open blockstack browser.so they can freely browser Internet.No custom DNS system,No custom ip protocol,No Government or any institution can control or use firewall forbid visiting certain apps or websites?or no matter which kind of phone system people use,android or iOS,blockstack can give a github or somewhere installing pages.if I wanna change android to blockstack,I just need link phone using usb to computer,then,go to the official blockstack or any page blockstack system where I can download ,just one click install button .Binggo,All done,on the new smartphone blockstack system, people can find “blockstack app store”,“blockstack message”," video chat",“blockstack email,“decentralized wallet” etc,One more thing ,people can freely delete app not like iOS,and all the privacy info are default encrypted unless user himself wanna open his physical location.all data are controlled by user themselves,we won’t see any data are controlled by government and politics.and some companies like yahoo and apple cannot tell user data to any local government.No matter where go,London,China,or Saudia,if I wanna buy some stuffs from local individuals or local stores,We can say,oh ,you are blockstack system user,let’s use Bitcoin or encrypt currency “blockstack token” created by blockstack community developers.If no internet,no worries,too.we also can exchange “blockstack token” to each other,assuming that we have a new technique better than wifi and Bluetooth .If I lost my smartphone ,no worries,private key are stored in the internet.I can find back.If we wanna see an tv show " Silicon Valley season 4” .We don’t need go YouTube or download BitTorrent .If we wanna buy a stuff from offshore countries,openbaazar ?oh,no,better than it,all transaction are controlled by program or “ethereum contract”,buyers+“Blockstack Reputation program” + sellers .buyer first send “blockstack token” to sellers first,the "blockstack. Reputation program "auto send message to seller,buyer already paid to me ,I temporally deposit these “blockstack token” ,you can send the product ,if buyer cannot receive the products,buyer can say to “blockstack reputation program” ,the seller not send the product to me,buyer submit a return back request ,and the same time ,if the seller cannot submit a certifications of logistic companies ,the “blockstack reputation program” can return back “blockstack token” to the buyer,and record this transaction behavior into blockchain,so everyone on the earth know what they do,if buyer pay first ,and the seller also sent the product ,but buyer wanna lie,and say I did not receive the product ,so the seller can upload the certifications from logistic companies to “blockstack reputation program” ,“blockstack reputation program” can call the logistic company to verify or it can visit logistic company database to verify.if that happen,The "blockstack token"would be sent to seller in certain days,after these all transaction behavior will be stored into blockchain,so we will know the risk and reputation records of the seller or the buyer.At that time,all banks,governments go to hell.all human beings use blockstack.Guys who believe God,they live forever,and guys who not believe God only live in blockstack world.

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We’re working on this soon!


Cos its impossible, the same problem with install antispy recorders on Android and IOS.