Why not stack token set total supply like bitcoin or eos?

Generally speaking,most folks don’t know Blockchain and what decentralized apps mean for them.If stack token not only can be used in blockstack internet(ex: buy blockstack id,publish blockstack app on blockstack browser like iOS AppStore) ,we also can transfer stack token to each other in the blockstack wallet.If we assume that openbazaar (or blockstack Amazon)have a Black Friday sale,one sellers wanna receive 10w transaction in one hour,bitcoin is not suitable,can blockstack token solve this kind of issue?If we assume that todolist(or blockstack google docs,blockstack Evernote) is a paid blockstack app,users can store their data to Dropbox via blockstack core,and then users only can pay certain stack token for using certain functions of blockstack docs,blockstack Evernote.Now,stack token were distributed like Eth or some other Blockchain project,it’s not total decentralized token or digital coin.If blockstack has total supply like bitcoin, may be it would has more incentives for developers to involve.and more people in the world care about and use this project.

There is more information about the token economics here: https://charts.blockstack.com/