Why is the forum back? Did we give up on Slack?

Answering @light:

Was wondering the reason behind restarting the forum.
@larry did we give up on archiving the slack?

We found that we keep answering the same questions over and over on Slack. (Like this question :smiley: )

While we have a Slack archive on slackachive.io, it’s really hard to find specific conversations in it and those don’t seem to get indexed properly by Google. This makes the archive not very useful either for those new to the community looking to get up to speed or those looking for answers to questions.

Would love your thoughts as to when we should use Slack versus the Forum over in this thread.

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Yeah I really like how easy it is to navigate conversations on here. This is one massive strength that forums in general have over chat apps. Chat apps enable more real time conversation, though. Each has it’s advantages.