Why I lost holdings stx?

I would like to share with you my lost of stx
on xverse app
I lost my stx holding of 100 stx 350$ on xverse stx since 2 months ago

and I can’t return it xverse app misused my passphrase 12 words and I lost my holding of stx

I tracked my stx 100 sent out my wallet by some third parties they released they are xverse app
Similar copy of xverse wallet app
they swapped my coins of stx
I lost my funds
on my address

I request from stacks team to help me to create a refund solution pool request on their Blockchain for users who lost their assets instead of rewards of staking
I claim a refund or donation help from stacks team or users who can give me refund assistance of lost 100 stx
I shared my new wallet address of stx for any donation by stacks team


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