Why do I have to set up several accounts?

Why do I have to set a profile picture and description of myself etc. everywhere, in the home ID, in the forum, in the community rewards program? Wasn‘t the promise of blockstack that you only have ONE account and then you can move seamlessly through the different Apps?

Hi Julian,

Blockstack Login is available for the Blockstack app, Prism community rewards, and the Blockstack forum, but not all apps will display your profile picture. Did you have any issues logging into any of the apps?

Hi Sebastian
Thanks for your reply. I only had problems to log in with the coins app so far (loading forever), but I think it’s a pity if the user has to insert his info and set a new profile pic everytime. It should all be set as default from your ID, and then you should have the possibility to change it if you wish to. What do you think about that? And where/to whom should such proposals be placed at in the Blockstack community?

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Hi Julian,

It is up to each app developer whether they use the profile image a user supplies with their Blockstack ID. It is not something Blockstack can manage or enforce. In fact, I’d argue that in the future more and more app developers will have a process by which users can choose to use the available image from the Blockstack ID or select another image. It is likely that many apps will incorporate multiple decentralized identity platforms for login. In that case, it would be impossible to just use the image from Blockstack IDs as not all users would have Blockstack identities.

All that being said, I agree with you that the user experience can be frustrating if you’re uploading an image in multiple places. There are ways for developers to mitigate this, but again, that is going to be up to each individual developer.