Why Blockstack is moving the blog away from Medium

In our newsletter yesterday there was a line announcing that we plan to move away from using Medium as a blogging platform and in fact our new engineering blog is already hosted on http://blockstack.org/blog. We’re in the process of moving http://blog.blockstack.org away from Medium.

Some community members asked the reason behind this move. I’m copying my response that I sent in an email here:

Medium is a centralized platform and in the long run, we’d love to start using a decentralized blogging app built on Blockstack. That’d be cool. The concept of hosting a blog for a decentralized internet project on a centralized company seemed awkward.

Also, Medium doesn’t let you control the look & feel and doesn’t allow you to easily embed content/HTML etc. They also control distribution and you can’t easily ask people to sign up for a mailing list for example.

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A Blockstack-powered blogging application would be a great decentralized app :thumbsup:.


@jude really excited about that! Albert Wenger still uses Tumblr for his blog continuations and wants to move to a decentralized blogging platform. So we already have demand for this app :smiley:

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I think this shouldn’t be that hard when using static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, …
The only needed thing is a viewer that can view HTML files retrieved by Blockstack.

Although I think having JSON blog data on a storage driver and a complete blog software at the client is the better solution.

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Great! Looking forward to it-