Where is the wallet seed located at? (MAC file path)

I have a corrupted OS and would like to copy over the seed file to another Hiro Wallet installation on another machine.

Where is this file held?

~/Library/Application Support/so.hiro.StacksWallet/config.json

Okay, Thanks!

Another question. Is it possible to decrypt it with my password to retrieve the secret key?

Yes, it’s possible—thought the wallet doesn’t currently reveal your seed phrase.

Your best option to access you funds, is to install a new copy of the wallet, while closed, paste the config.json file in to the path I shared. After which you can then use the wallet again.

Yeah, I can access my stacks thankfully but I can’t access my NFTs and other tokens I own. Since I can’t log into the extension unfortunately. So until then I guess I’ll have to wait until a way to see your seed phrase is implemented.