Where does the application data lives?


I have tried asking this question here but let’s just make a new thread for it.

The question will be: Let’s say I am making a decentralized slack and I am already able to store each individual’s chat messages on their own configured storage using Gaia. Where would application data go? Let’s say I want to store the channel information and its participants usernames. Do I need to store them on AWS/Firebase or Blockstack architecture has a solution for it? How are the existing apps like Stealthy managing this?

@yukan any pointers?

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One way I would tackle this is to have each user save in their own storage the list of participants in the channel. The application should then be able to send/receive messages to all participants. To establish a channel, the creator would select a set of users and signal to them the intention to create a channel. These channels won’t be publicly visible. If you want a centralized list of channels then you’d need to run an indexing service.

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Thanks, I will try to implement that.

On an unrelated note, in iOS SDK, one can specify the name of a file and then provide it’s contents to be stored in putFile method. How would you go about storing a picture? Is this a functionality that is already supported? Like I assume travelStack is already using it, so it is like one has to convert an image into base64 and then save the string?

@shreyas maybe you can help to point me in the right direction?

@hammadtariq I’d recommend converting it into NSData, then getting a byte array out of that (Array). putFile supports byte arrays.

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