Where does Gaia put my data if I don't have a registered username?

I’ve been using Blockstack-todo App locally and from Blockstack homepage, I use the same Blockstack ID, but I get different contents after I approved the Blockstack signin request.

So, it seems to me that Gaia puts my data in different places, so if I don’t have my ID registered and I don’t have my zone file, where did Gaia put my data?

With Blockstack, an app’s identity is its origin - the app domain. In your example, while you’re running the same code - the blockstack-todo app - the fact that the origins are different: http://localhost:5000 vs https://blockstack-todos.appartisan.com means that data is stored in different app buckets on Gaia.

App buckets are determistically generated from your Blockstack ID and the app domain. You don’t need to have a Blockstack ID with a username to use this functionality.

You don’t need a zone file because Blockstack Browser assumes your gaia hub is the default public gaia hub that Blockstack PBC provides in the absence of a zone file specifying a different gaia hub.

If I wanna immigrate my todo list data to another online drive(google drive ,Dropbox) or a mobile disk,how can I find the data directory?You explained the reason,but not tell us “where did Gaia put my data?”

Thank you very much for your reply.
According to your explanation, it seems that we don’t have control of our data with the absence of zone files.
But currently, registering a username (to acquire access of zone files) is quite expensive(0.001115B, around $8.22), if we’re gonna develop a DApp, could you please provide the developers a way to test the effectiveness and correctness of their DApp inexpensively?

Exactly, you got the point.
But seems to me that there isn’t a good way to find out your data without zone files

You can register free sponsored usernames that look like you.id.blockstack and they work exactly the same way as regular usernames.

Thank you very much!
It seems like a new feature.

I’ve tried, it didn’t work and I lost my personal information while registration failed.

For the todo app you can see in the console of the browser (right-click on the page and select “Inspect element” or similar). It tells you:

uploadToGaiaHub: uploading todos.json to https://hub.blockstack.org

Now with: https://hub.blockstack.org/hub_info you find the read url prefix:

The only bit missing is your app bucket id then you find your data at:

I stuck at the step https://gaia.blockstack.org/hub/some_id/todos.json

What is instead of some_id ? My personal blockstack id is:
“sulayman.personal.id” or

No matter what I tried ,only this screenshot


I thought that these two todolist data would be stored in my hard disk, isn’t it?

when after about one week, I tried again and find the registration process completed and my username has been taken…but I don’t know if it was me that takes the free username…could you please tell me how to check it?

no, I think still it’s somewhere in the gaia.blockstack.com/hub. But the exact url is not open to every one, because it’s your own app

Could you tell me how to calculate the app buckets based on Blockstack ID and the app domain?
By the way, could you tell me how to use my own gaia hub?

Can you look up your name in explorer.blockstack.org and verify that it is owned by your ID address?

Could you tell me how to calculate the app buckets based on Blockstack ID and the app domain?
By the way, could you tell me how to use my own gaia hub?

You can do both of these with the CLI, but you’ll need to install the develop branch of Gaia in conjunction with the CLI in order to run your own Gaia hub. We’re in the process of moving this functionality to the Browser, so it can be done by non-developers.