Where did the fee of creating the namespace .id go?

in the whitepaper, has this desc:
To start the first namespace on Blockstack, the .id namespace, we paid 40 bitcoins ($10,000 at the time) to the network.
This shows that even the developers of this decentralized system have to follow the rules and pay appropriate fees.

my question is:
where did the fee of creating the namespace .id go? who get it? the miner?

thank you.

Blockstack currently uses a burn address to pay Bitcoin back into the network. The address used is the one corresponding to the all-zero public key. You can see this in the code at


You mean nobody gets it?

@larry had very good words for this:

Through burning Bitcoins (or making them inaccessible) you somehow make the other Bitcoins rarer. Furthermore these Bitcoins aren’t removed from the network, someone still could find the private key to the all-zero public key. (And if so, we could simply increment the public burn key.)