Where are the names I purchased and my BTC?

Hi, I haven’t logged onto blockstack for a while, perhaps over a year, and I have questions about the names I paid for in 2017 and the BTC I can view in my wallet using blockstack.app:

  • Is (the locally running) blockstack.app still supported, i.e., the profile explorer? Here’s the version I have: image

  • If it is supported, I can see the id’s I own (ID-xxx) but none of them have my paid-for registered usernames associated with them. How do I fix this? I can see the id’s in https://explorer.blockstack.org, but several I checked so far appear to have new name registrations, as if they were re-registered in late 2019 and early 2020.

  • I see BTC is my wallet. Can I simply send this to any BTC address?

  • If blockstack.app is no longer supported, is there a new profile explorer?

Thanks, Joe

Hey there, your usernames expire in 2 years from purchase which means you will need to renew them. To do so, log in to browser.blockstack.org and head to “Identity” and “more” which you will see renew options there. You can use the BTC in that account to renew.