When will the Stack wallet support trezor? or How do I recover my wallet from trezor (Passphrase)?

My old wallet has saved keys via trezor and ‘Passphrase’ was enabled. now I can’t revert to ledger wallet via 24 words. I would like to ask for help.

About trezor’s Passphrase:

I’m not an expert but my bet would you be you need to make a new wallet with ledger and transfer from the trezor.

stacks 1.0 wallet supports Trezor, after I upgraded to Stacks 2.0, the wallet no longer supports Trezor. so I can’t access my wallet.

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Hey Bruce, thanks for the question! We added the pass phrase info to our FAQ available here: How can I use my Trezor device with the Stacks Wallet?

Please let us know if this helps or if there are any other questions!

Unable to enter 25 words.
The Stacks Wallet can be used with only 12 and 24-word Secret Keys

Can you provide a tool like this?

Thank you Bruce and apologies this isn’t resolved yet. Added this suggestion in the issue tracking this here.

Hi there. I saw this and i am having this problem. My Trezor back up phrase using Trezor is 18 words. So I am currently unable to upgrade to the new wallet as it only supports 12 or 24 words.
Is the only solution here to create a new wallet and send Stacks from the old to new wallet?