When to post in Discourse vs Github?

Ryan brings up a Meta question which can be boiled down to, “what should this forum be used for?” GitHub is a great place for discussing pull requests, issues, wiki submissions, etc. When would it be appropriate for conversations to start or move here and vice versa?

I think that code related discussions and high-level proposals can be made on Github.

Initial discussions that can be fleshed out to a high-level proposal make sense on a forum like this.

Could turn off github issues entirely like they did with discourse development.

Or limit it to specific code issues and bug reports.

Agree with @drwasho that code-related discussions and proposals can/should go to Github. Modeling this after Bitcoin development is one option. There is a natural division of what goes to Bitcointalk forum vs bitcoin Github.

Another way to look at it is that how do we want this to evolve when the community becomes larger and the relative percentage of developers becomes smaller here. Developers feel comfortable using Github. Non-developer members of the community might only want to discuss high-level things and not code-related things, IMO.



I agree, I think this is a good use of the forum.

An outcome of using this forum could indeed be to help focus the discussions on Github while the brainstorming, show-and-tell, and commentary happens here.

I agree, this is the place to be for high level, non-code-related topics. Since I am not a coder, I definitely know where most of my posting will be!

@ryan did you ever end up deciding where the v0.3 schema proposal will go?