What's the use of having multiple Identities if they don't get restored?

In https://browser.blockstack.org/profiles we are allowed to create, add names to, and manage multiple IDs.

A couple questions I have about this is:

  • What’s the use of them if they don’t get restored after using our backup key?
  • Do they have their own backup key that we can’t access through the UI?
  • Is it safe to add names to them if we aren’t able to restore the IDs in the first place (or does your main ID own the names and the other IDs “borrow” them)?

For instance, I made this ID, made it “default”, and then edited the profile. After resetting the browser I can no longer access it, and there is no way I can at all now because I was unable to view the backup code of anything other than the first ID I logged in with.

edit: I see now that every time you “add an ID” you create the same ID (in the proper sequence) every time. I suppose these alternative IDs are derived from your public key? Do you think we could store the amount of alt-IDs a person has in their profile.json so it can be restored?

In addition, couldn’t alternative IDs then be reverse engineered or bruteforced to find their parent ID and thus ruin the use of using alternative IDs in the first place?