What's the business model for App Mining?


I’m trying to get my head around the purpose of Blockstack paying developers to integrate their DApps with Blockstack Auth?

What does Blockstack get in return for paying out thousands of $ each month to devs? I tried the various FAQs without success - I’d have thought “What’s it in for you?” would have been high on the list. :wink:



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@steveharman The first page of our Zero-to-DApp tutorial pretty much explains why we do this.

See the section on “Seeding DApp market with application mining”

Hi, Thanks for your reply. The first page kind of does and it kind of doesn’t. :wink:

With my business hat on for a minute, what I was interested in is where is the return for Blockstack in funding third-party DApp projects?

The concept is admirable of promoting & nurturing the next generation tech - but as a corporation at some point doesn’t Blockstack quite understandably have to derive some income from all this?

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@steveharman I had similar questions before intro of App mining. You can find the answers here: Key business questions for dApps on Blockstack

The answers helped me to get development done with Blockstack and helped to win during hackathon.

Hope it will help.