What will happen to the BTC in our old wallet?

I have some BTC in my old wallet for transactions. How can we retrieve them?

Also, you deprecated old browser and I had a domain name there. I paid for it. What will happen to them.

Seems like Blockstack messed up everything and started over from scratch.

Hey there,

Your Stacks ID is safe, see the FAQ listed here: What is the status of my Stacks ID?

You can retrieve your BTC from the older versions of the wallet through the steps listed here: How can I withdraw the BTC I've deposited into the old Stacks Wallet?

Stacks 2.0 is the culmination of many years of work building upon the architecture laid out on Stacks 1.0, and has a ton of new features that weren’t available on Stacks 1.0. Join our Discord if you’d like to chat with folks in the ecosystem. https://discord.gg/qXsbCwpM

When I followed those steps I started getting notifications from my security software that people were trying to mine Bitcoin on my machine and that there was an “unusual amount” of outgoing data from my computer. I continued to follow the steps anyway and my Bitcoin balance didn’t show on the electrum wallet.

I know I used the right recovery words because I used them to get into the old “Blockstack Browser” wallet.

Are there any plans to provide a solution for us that doesn’t involve downloading malware? Especially since it didn’t work anyway.

cc-ing my colleague @markmhendrickson for your question on withdrawing BTC. I can confirm the process has worked for others, but would like to help troubleshoot what you’re seeing.

Thanks Gina. I put a small amount of money in a long time ago and as you know it’s grown a lot. Would love to be able to secure it again.

I haven’t heard of this problem with security software warning about Electrum. Mind sharing the name of the software?

However, if you’re using the words from the Blockstack Browser to recover your BTC, it’s expected that you won’t see any BTC balance with Electrum. These instructions are specifically for recovering BTC from the older desktop Stacks Wallet, which was configured with either a hardware device like Ledger or Trezor, or 24-word Secret Key (as opposed to the Blockstack Browser’s 12-word keys).

If you’re trying to get BTC out of the wallet associated with your Blockstack ID / the Blockstack Browser, you can still use the Blockstack Browser itself for this purpose at the following address once you’ve authenticated: Blockstack Browser

Thanks I was using the wrong instructions. The software that threw the warnings was Nord VPN. Thanks to your help I have everything transferred onto my new laptop and into my new BTC wallet. Appreciate the help!!!